5050Flexible led strip light

Led flexible strip light of decorative,useing super bright 5050 3chip led ,waterproof type IP68 with Epoxy .available in car ,Building and billboard Indirect lighting etc.

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NAME:Flexible LED strip light

Specifications :5050smd 5m/300leds
3528,1206,0603,335 type led strip light are also available
Has Epoxy waterproofing type,pvc casing waterproof,non-waterproof type
Led colors:red,yellow,blue,green,white,warm white,pink single color and RGB color
The color of Back PCB:white,copper color and black
The width of  PCB is 8mm
Drive with DC12V OR DC24V,
can be cut into 3-LED segments without damaging the rest ribbon,and can be made 5m longest.
Easy to install by the 3M tape on the PCB back
Low power consumption and high intensity
Architectural decorative lighting
Car Vehicle chassis lights and decorative interior lighting for car
Also available in Billboard
Accent lighting
Border/contour lighting
Auditorium walkway lighting

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