5630LED car brake lights

5630LED auto lights:samsung LED 5630 chip 12pcs be used,12Watt power,super bright ,360degrees shining ,good for car led brake lights/ turn lights,fog lights

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Name: 5630LED car brake lights,5630LED auto lights
LED type:Samsung 5630 LED 6pcs,6Watt power
Base:BA15D or BA15S/T20-7443/7440 etc.
Voltage:This 5630LED auto lights has bilt-in voltage regulator control.so drive voltage DC10V~DC24V.
Led color: white,blue,red,yellow,green etc.
This 5630 LED auto lights made by 12pcs super bright samsung 5630 led,shing from 360 degrees.
This 5630  led brake lights can be easy to install,If not shiing,please change another direction.
And also has long life span
Energy-saving(The power consumption of car led bulbs  is only 1/20 of traditional car light bulbs)
Environmental protection
Application :
avialable in car led brake  lights, car led turn lights,or car led fog lights
our company is Specializing in the production of automutive led lights,as car led braking lamp,car led turn light,car led interior lamp
car led instrument lights,car led fog lamp,led strip lights and so on.Welcome to contact us.

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