BMW car led logo projector lights

CREE 5W high power led 1pc be used,withIP68 plane mirror lens,super shining and waterproof,install at the door of the BMW car,use as led door foot lamps.If you open thd door,the logo of the BMW car can be seen on the it also be called the led logo projector lights or led logo laser lights

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Name:led logo laser lights/led logo projector lights for BMW car
Power:CREE 5W
Work temperature:-40℃~105℃
Use as  decorative lighting for car,very beautiful shining and cheer ful.

This product has passed the authenticate of RDW,E4  standard s.The led logo projector lights /led logo laser lights are  new  green lights. NO Pollution,No Interference,and NO Noise.It be made with Constant current control technology from Germany.
This led car laser logo lights works as car courtesy lights,when you open the door,the car logo will be projected on the ground.And when the door is closed,the logo laser lights will be off automatically.So this led logo laser lights also be call ed the welcome lights.It means wellcome to get on!
This  led logo laser lights can be used for BMW,BENZ,HONDA,TOYOTA,VW,NISSAN,BUICK,MAZDA,K2,AUDI,LEXUS........etc.There are meny types.Welcome to contact!


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