CREE 25Wcar led bulbs

Cree R5 5W LED 5PCS  total 25W high power car led bulbs,5 sides bright super shining for car led brake/turn/tail lights.

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Name:cree 25w car led bulbs,25W car led brake/turn/tail lights,25w auto led lights
Specification:T20-5xCREE R5 5WLED
The cree 25w car led bulbs  are made by 5pcs Cree5w high power led.super bright from 5 sides.
This cree 25w car led bulbs  built-in voltage regulator drive voltage DC10V~DC24V.
This cree 25w car led bulbs can be made into T20s/d and BA15S/D,BAY15S/BAU15S or 9006,9005,H8,H11 etc.
This cree 25w car led bulbs can also made into amber or white for using as car led fog lights or car led turn lights also for brake lights
always use as car led brake lights ,tail lights,turn lights and fog lamps.

our company is Specializing in the production of automutive led lights,as car led braking lamp,car led turn light,car led interior lamp
car led instrument lights,car led fog lamp,led strip lights and so on.Welcome to contact us.

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